Finstreet is an online knowledge factory designed to illuminate the diversity of history, activity and personality within the finance industry. It is a media platform built on the insights, analyses and stories originating from members of the finance community and its extended family. Finstreet provides its online community with the avenue for consuming knowledge from three different sections filled with insightful and meaningful content:

Non-fiction gifts readers a front row seat to the inspiring professional journeys of individuals that currently or previously worked within finance and business. 


Discover offers readers a chance to enjoy the expertise of seasoned professionals who offer thoughts on key areas within finance, from fund structuring to blockchain & fashion. 

Tomorrow’s Voice exists as a means to serve the younger generation by providing a space where selected students can demonstrate their understanding and love for specific sectors of their choice. Although they may not have the work experience of a 10 year veteran, they are able to demonstrate their level of insight through research and analysis of key financial areas.

Finstreet is founded & edited by Mark Owusu.